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sms-queue consists of server and client applications to build up a mechanism to send many SMS-messages in a networked environment. sms-queue itself does not send a SMS-message but passes it to a backend application.

As of version 0.6 the communication betweeen the server and the client is based on a simple ASCII protocol over TCP/IP. This makes it simple to develop your own client if sms2queue (the standard sms-queue client) does not fit into your system.

For an incomplete list of possibly suitable backends and similar projects, see the sms link page.


As sms-queue is written in Perl, it should run on any platform, Perl has been ported to.

Though the following additional perl modules are necessary:


Please note: The provided debian- and rpm-packages are unofficial and may not work with your distribution. So install them at your own risk! (But at least the debian package works very well for me ;-)

The tar-archives without the "simple" suffix provide a small installation script. See also the generic installation instructions.

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sms-queue-0.6.1.tar.bz226 kb2003-02-15 14:50 GMT
sms-queue-0.6.1.tar.gz29 kb2003-02-15 14:50 GMT

Previous releases are archived here.

If you want to get notified on new releases, you could use the really cool subscription feature of freshmeat on the sms-queue freshmeat-project-page.


sms-queue is published under The Clarified Artistic License since version 0.6.

Please note: You are responsible for possible damages or loss of data evolved from using sms-queue.


Many thanks to the following persons, who supported me in the development of sms-queue:

If you encounter any bug in this application or if you have suggestions, questions, answers - don't hesitate to contact me!


Author: Tobias Jahn
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